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Air Polishers for Natural Stone

Weha offers pnuematic air tools and polishers for wet polishing. Each polisher has its own distinct characteristics.

The following wet air polishers for stone are the recommended air polishers. Read a little about each one to choose the polisher that is right for your needs.

The Weha QB9 Center Water Feed Air Polisher with rear exhaust runs on 16 cfm. 4500. This Center Water Feed Air polisher can polish granite and stone in wet environments all day, every day without let up.

The second Center Water Feed Wet Air Polisher is our speedy Side Exhaust Air Polisher. This center water feed air polisher has a front side exhaust port. This is a great feature the granite fabricator can dry the stone and see the polish. The speedy side exhaust center water feed air polisher is priced right and runs like a charm. Designed for production and use 7 days a week.

Air Polisher Parts and Repair

Although Weha products are high quality and are made to last, wear and tear does occur and the time comes when you may need to find parts or have you equipment repaired.

We stock all the replacement air tool parts that wear and need to be replaced periodically. We also can repair any of our center water feed air polishers.

Granite, Marble and Stone Chisels

If you are hunting for a stone chisel for marble, granite or another natural stone. You've come to the right place.

The Weha stone chisel can be used on stone up to 1 5/8" thick and works on either natural or engineered stone. This chisel runs off of low CFM air and will create a perfect granite chiseled edge on granite, marble, engineered stone, and all natural stones.

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Granite leather Finish, Granite Brush Finish, Marble Leather Finish, Granite Brush Finish part # 9053 Planetary Polisher, Surface Polisher, Counter Top Pig Planetary Polisher, Granite, Marble, Quartz, Quartzite, Part # 9051 T-31 Anchor Bolt 3/16" x 1/4" x 2"
2cm T 31 Diamond Anchor Bit Part # 30152 High Speed Air Grinder & Cutter, Waterfed, Water Feed, Air Grinder Part #143286 T-31 Anchor Machine, T 31 Anchor Machine, T 31 Stone Anchor, Pneumatic Air, Part #
T-31 Anchor Bolt, 3/16" T 31 Anchor Bolt, 3/16" x 1 1/2" T 31 Anchor Bolt Part # 142814 T-31 Diamond Anchor Bit, T 31 Diamond Anchor Bit, 3/16" x 1/4" Part # 30151 Water On/Off Valve for T Anchor
Hand Assembly for T Anchor Spring for T Anchor T-31 Anchor Machine Replacement Air Tool part # 141914
Hand Assembly for T Anchor
Weha Price: $15.30
Spring for T Anchor
Weha Price: $12.95
Locking Disc for T Anchor Machine O Ring kit for Stone Chisel #120878 Granite Air Polisher,Rear Exhaust Center Water Feed Air Polisher QB9 Blizzard #138251
Z Bracket, Sink Undermount Clip, Vanity Sink Bracket, Granite bracket Part # 138402 Part # 103834 Weha AquaShot Dressing Block Part # 134141 Weha AquaShot Body for 3/8" Mistdia Cutter
Weha Z Bracket Sink Clip
Weha Price: $34.27
Aqua shot Dressing block
Weha Price: $39.78
Aqua Shot Body for
Weha Price: $30.42
Part # 134140 Weha AquaShot Body for 5/16" Mistdia Cutter Part # 134139 Weha AquaShot Body for 1/4" Mistdia Cutter Part # 134142 Weha AquaShot 1/4" Mistdia Cutter
Aqua Shot Body for
Weha Price: $26.01
Aqua Shot Body for
Weha Price: $26.01
Aqua Shot
Weha Price: $21.93
Part # 134144 Weha AquaShot 3/8" Mistdia Cutter Part # 134143 Weha AquaShot 5/16" Mistdia Cutter Part # 134136 Weha AquaShot Plug Ejector
Aqua Shot
Weha Price: $40.75
Aqua Shot
Weha Price: $36.21
Aqua Shot Plug Ejector
Weha Price: $6.89
Part # 134138 Weha AquaShot Positioning Guide Part # 134135 Weha AquaShot Shank AquaShot Kit 134151
Aqua Shot Shank w 1/4" HEX
Weha Price: $137.70
Aqua Shot Kit
Weha Price: $504.90

Part # QB942 QB9 Retainer Ring #42 Part # QB936 QB9 Rear Gasket #36 Part # QB934 QB9 Bearing Cover #34
QB9 Retainer Ring #42
Weha Price: $0.98
QB9 Rear Gasket #36
Weha Price: $0.49
QB9 Bearing Cover #34
Weha Price: $1.90