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Weha 5" x 3/16" Turbo Rodding Blade
5" Rodding Blade, 5" Granite Rodding Blade, 5" x 3/15" Diamond Rodding Blade Part# 51405

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Weha Price: $59.90

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:(Out of Stock)

Part Number: 51405

Weha 5" x 3/16" Diamond Turbo Rodding Blade for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Quartzite Stone

Weha 5" x 3/16" Turbo Rodding Blade is made for cutting 3/16" slots into the back side of granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, and other stone.

The Weha 5" Turbo Rodding Blade at 3/16" wide is the perfect width for 1/8" wide white rodding , carbon fiber rodding , steel carbon fiber rodding , and standard steel rodding.

Rodding the back of stone has proven time and again to greatly strengthen stone around the bowl and sink cut out. This is extremely important during transport and installation in the house.

Why the Weha 5" x 3/16" Diamond Turbo Rodding Blade works the Best

5" x 3/16" Turbo Blade. The Perfect width for Adhesiveand a tight bond with rodding.

Turbo 1 piece design for fast cutting

Soft bond, specifically for granite-the most rodded material

Weha 5" x 3/16" Turbo Rodding Blade Specifications

5" diameter

3/16" width

7/8"-5/8" arbor

Dry or wet cutting

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