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Weha 3.5" Turbo Disc 200
Part # TD35200 Weha 3.5" Turbo Disc 200


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Weha Price: $20.35

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:In Stock

Part Number: TD35200


200 Grit 3.5" Turbo Disc

Weha 3.5" Turbo discs are designed to smooth and polish flat surfaces for multiple purposes.

One of the purposes for the 200 Grit turbo disc is surface repolishing. However, there are other uses for the turbo pads as well. Some of the other uses for the 200 Grit 3.5" disc includes:

  • Polishing Flat Edges
  • Bevel Polishing
  • Seam Preparation Prior to Lamination

Turbo discs are made to get an super tight seam. Additionally, these discs are capable of reaching into tight corners with their special flare design.

Another feature of the turbo 3.5" 200 Grit polishing disc is that it is very aggressive. It is made of a very rigid material so it doesn't give. This translates into a very smooth surface with no waves or dips. These discs produce a smooth polishing process and create a factory finished polish.

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