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Filtering Sleeve
Dry Dust Collector Filter Sleeve, Granite Dry Dust Collector Replacement Sleeve Part # TEC733

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Part Number: TEC733

Filter Project Granite and Stone Dust Collection Dry Wall Replacement Sleeves

Filter Project Granite and Stone Automatic Dry Dust Collectors come with a complete set of Dust Sleeves already installed on the dry dust collectors.

Once the dust collector sleeves are worn out they will need to be replaced.

Filter Project Automatic Dry Dust Collectors make it very simple and easy to change the bags. Simply loosen the clamp and slide them off. Watch the video below to see how to change out the filter sleeves.

Maintenance of the Dry Dust Collector Filter Sleeves:

Wash when needed. Filters should be changed at least once per year to guarantee maximum suction level.

Below is the number of Dry Dust Collector Sleeves required per Dust Collector:

6 Ft (2 meter) Dry Dust Collector: 36 Sleeves

10 Ft (3 meter) Dry Dust Collector: 52 Sleeves

13 Ft (4 meter) Dry Dust Collector: 72 Sleeves

Sleeves are sold as Each. you will purchase the number of sleeves needed for your size Dry Dust Collector.

Filter Project Dry Dust Collector Filter Sleeve Replacement

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