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E 2cm OMA Prodiam Cont Metal Diamond pos2
Part# 8037 E 2cm Oma Prodiam Cont Metal Diamond Pos2

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Part Number: 8037

OMA Prodiam position 2 profile router bits are diamond brazed technology bits that work excellent as:1) Pos 1 on marble, limestone, travertine. There will be no need to use the Oma Pos 1 Segmented bits on these materials. Simply use the OMA Prodiam as your position 1.2) Pos 2 after the Oma Pos 1 to remove the coarse pos 1 and 100% perfect the profile shape on granite, quartz and all stone materialsDesigned with a steel core and brazed diamonds, the OMA Prodiam will:1) Create the perfect shape2) Provide a long lasting position 2 on granite and all stone materials3) Provide the main profile for pos 3-6 OMA polishing wheelsAdditional features of the OMA Prodiam Router Bit:Pure quality: Oma Bits are produced in Italy, by OMA, with OMA controlling 100% of the quality of production. This Guarantees that every bit will meet the standards that OMA routers need to be at 100% optimum performance. No outside third party to meet OMA standards.Center Water Feed: Oma bits offer center water feed so that there is always continuous water on the bits to guarantee no accidental "dry cut" and affecting the bit or the stone.

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