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B 2cm Extradiam Pos 3
Part# 8024 B 2cm Oma Extradiam Diamond Pos 3

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Part Number: 8024

OMA Extradiam position 3 profile router bits are Extra fine diamond profile wheels that starts the polishing process on all types of stone.By not having a bearing, the bit is the bridge between the profiling and polishing wheels. This polishing phase bit plays the critical role in the edge polishing process.Oma Extradiam is designed with a steel core with extreme high tolerance profile accuracy. Then the same perfection of extra fine abrasive diamond powder is applied at a very high density. The result is an extremely strong, durable, and perfect wheel that that achieves an excellent extra fine diamond finish that will seamlessly lead into the 3 OMA polishing wheels. If you want to stop at this phase and start hand polishing, A 400 or 800 grit Schein pads or start with the Weha Hybrid 2 pad.Designed with a steel core and extra fine diamond poweder, the OMA Extradiam is:1) The Critical bit between the profile and polishing phase of the OMA system of bits2) The first bit without a bearing to fully engage the stone in the polishing process3) Optimum bit before starting the OMA polishing wheels or start with hand polishing.Recommended RPM: 2500-3500. Optimum RPM 3000Additional features of the OMA Prodiam Router Bit:Pure quality: Oma Bits are produced in Italy, by OMA, with OMA controlling 100% of the quality of production. This Guarantees that every bit will meet the standards that OMA routers need to be at 100% optimum performance. No outside third party to meet OMA standards.Center Water Feed: Oma bits offer center water feed so that there is always continuous water on the bits to guarantee no accidental "dry cut" and affecting the bit or the stone.

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