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Achilli LM/30-VE 230 Volt
Part#  14420 Achilli LM/30-VE 230 Volt Floor Grinding and Polishing Machine

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Part Number: 14420

Achilli LM30-VE 230 Volt Multi Speed Floor Grinding and Polishing Machine

The Achilli LM 30 VE Floor machine is an outstanding machine for grinding, polishing, and refinishing floors: Granite Floors, Marble Floors, Travertine Floors, Limestone Floors, Concrete Floors, Terrazzo Floors, and all natural stone floors.

The Achilli floor machine comes with a 12" Frankfurt head attachment that allows any type of frankfurt abrasive to be attached to it. The 3 head frankfurt plate can accept diamond and cement based abrasives, depending on what type of stone and polish work that needs to be achieved.

The Achilli LM30-VE Floor Machine is also used with granite, marble, and stone slabs for honing, resurfacing, brushing, leathering, texturing, and polishing the back side of granite and stone slabs.

The Achilli LM30-VE Floor Machine is a 220 Volt single phase mult speed 3 HP motor

The Achilli LM30- CE Floor Machine has a 6.8 gallon water reservoir in the head of the machine that sits over the top of the head. There is a knob that adjusts the flow of water. By having the water over the head, it allows easy water application as well as adding weight to the head.

Around the head of the frankfurt plat there is a shock absorbing ring. This allows the machine to perform lippage removal as well as absorb vibration from the floor to the machine.

There is a level adjustment on the back of the Achilli Floor Machine to adjust the level of the machine to the abrasives being used on the front of the machine.

A weight system can be mounted in the center of the machine to create added pressure if necessary.

Weha offers a full line of frankfurt abrasives by Tenax for granite, marble, terrazzo, travertine, all natural stone, and concrete material.

The Achilli floor machine is outstanding for creating an Antique leather brush finish on granite, marble, and stone. For detailed information, check out the Weha Blog post on Brushing with the LM 30

Sturdy and compact structure.
Transport handle and pivoting wheel facilitate machine movements.
220 Volt 3 HP Single phase motor
Water tank: 6.8 Gallon capacity
Size 21" x 40" x 38" (533mm x 1016mm x 965mm)
Dimensions of palatalized carton: 21" x 40" x 38"
Weight of the Machine: 220 lbs

Variable speed: four different speeds to optimize working of the stone Machine level adjustment by eccentric wheel axis.
RPM and Peripheral Speed:
I - 351 rpm - 330 m/min.
II - 439 rpm - 413 m/min.
III - 527 rpm - 496 m/min.
IV - 614 rpm - 578 m/min.

Comes with:
12" (300mm) Frankfurt plate
Shock-absorbing spring (inner type)
Plastic splash guard ring
Set of Wrenches

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Weha produces the best Stone Material Handling Equipment in the Stone Industry

Achilli Floor Machine for granite, marble, stone restoration and brushing

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