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F 2cm OMA Truelife Polish Pa pos5
Part#  8047 F 2cm Oma Truelife Polish Pad Pos5

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OMA True Life polishing wheel is a patented sintered and electroplating processes that allow the polishing wheels to offer maximum results in terms of polishing and life.
Oma True Life wheels are a solid stiff wheel that perfectly matches the metal diamond profile wheels 2 and 3. This seamlessly picks up right where the OMA Extradiam left off. Additionally, the diamond matrix that is used to make up the polishing wheels will continually expose diamond, maintains solid contact with the stone, and remove the scratches from the previous wheels. This sequence will lead to a ready to install finish.
The OMA True Life wheels, by their design, will not explode or break apart like the rubber diamond strips that are on the market today.
Designed for granite, marble, limestone, quartz, engineered stone, etc, the OMA True Life can be used on all kinds of stone.
Recommended Polishing Speed: 2500-6500 RPM. Optimum results at 3000 rpm
Additional features of the OMA Prodiam Router Bit:
Pure quality: Oma Bits are produced in Italy, by OMA, with OMA controlling 100% of the quality of production. This Guarantees that every bit will meet the standards that OMA routers need to be at 100% optimum performance. No outside third party to meet OMA standards.
Center Water Feed: Oma bits offer center water feed so that there is always continuous water on the bits to guarantee no accidental "dry cut" and affecting the bit or the stone.

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