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6 Roller Plate (300 mm) With Very Fine (400) Rollers
6 Roller Plate (300 mm) With Very Fine (400) Rollers Weha USA


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Weha Price: $1,285.20

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:(Out of Stock)

Part Number: 6310370


6 Roller Plate (300 mm) With Very Fine (400) Rollers

The 6 Roller Plate (300 mm) With Very Fine (400) Rollers is a tool in the bushhammering line of equipment designed to work in conjunction with other bushhammering texturing tools from Weha.

This 6 Roller Plate (300 mm) With Very Fine (400) Rollers is designed to be used in conjunction with the following bushammering tool lines:

  • Blaster

Blaster Sandblasting Results Plates

The Blaster series of sandblasting plates enables 4 different sandblasting results on limestone and marble natural stone surfaces.

270 mm & 300 mm Tools

The 270 mm and 300 mm diameter tools can be mounted on manual or automatic polishing machines for slab processing or on floor polishing machines.

450 mm & 670 mm Tools

The 450 mm and 670 mm diameter tools can be mounted on automatic slab polishing machine or on belt polisher for wide stripe sections.

Mount the rotary sandblasting tool on the polishing machine tool holder and operate as with an ordinary grinding wheel.

Innovative features (such as grease nipples, modular system) and the high quality components allow an exceptional cost:performance ratio of the tools.

Blaster Technical Information

Technical Specifics
Diameter 270 mm 300 mm 450 mm 670 mm
Rollers 4 6 12 18
Productivity m2/h Up To 15 Up To 22 Up To 30 Up To 45
Tool life is according to the materials to be worked on.
The noise level is very low, compared to the other traditional tools.
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Includes Mounting Accessories & Technical Instructions
  • Perfectly Even Sandblasting Design On Entire Surface
  • High Productivity With Minimal Investment

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