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4" Weha 5 Step Dry Diamond Polishing Pads - Set of 5
Dry Diamond Polishing Pad 5 Step - Set of 5 Part#  D5S4SET


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Weha Price: $105.00

Part Number: D5S4SET

4" Weha 5 Step Dry Diamond Polishing Pads for polishing granite, marble, concrete, and all natural stones - Set of 5 (1-5)

Weha 5 step diamond dry polishing pads are made from thelatest multi diamond matrix bond technology for polishing granite, quartzite,marble and other natural stones.

Only 5 diamond polishing pads are needed to create thebest dry polish. Each diamond step padhas its own unique combination of diamonds and matrix bond to to progressivelycreate the highest natural polish with only 5 diamond polishing pads.

The Weha 5 Step Diamond Polishing Pads may also be usedwet for polishing engineered stone and quartz materials as well.

Although the Weha 5 Step Polishing Pads cost a littlemore than 7 step dry diamond polishing pads, the increased polishing speed willoffset any price difference, especially when you have 2, 3, or more installers on a job site waiting for 1 guy to polish a piece before the job can be signedoff on. Not only are you saving 20-30% of the polishers time you are saving 20-30% of everyones time. Thats asavings of about $100 per day.

4" Hook and Loop
Max RPM 5,000.
Use wet or dry.
Set of 5 (1 each 1,2,3,4,5)

  • Super flexible Up to 5000 RPMIncredible polishMay be used wet or dry Premium quality

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