1" x 1/2 Gas CNC Thin Wall Diamond Core Bit, Dekton Core Bit, 1" Granite Core Bit, Part#  20155 Weha
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1" x 1/2" Gas CNC Thin Wall Core Bit for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Dekton, Ceramic, Quartzite

Weha 1" x 1/2" Gas CNC Core bits are designed specifically to give unparalleled life, speed, and minimal blow out on CNC machines.

Thin wall for fast, consistent drilling, the Weha 1" Diamond CNC Core Bits will core through granite, marble, engineered stone very fast and clean.

What is the best core bit for drilling Cosentino Dekton Ceramic Stone?
Weha diamond cnc core bits have been extensively tested on both Lapitec and Dekton ceramic,porcelain materials.
At 1800 rpm with 100mm per minute feed rate, hundreds of holes will be achieved with less blow out than other premium brand name core bits.

Total length: 4"
1/2 gas thread
Wet use only