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CNC Wheel OMA CNC Gauging Wheel

OMA CNC Gauging Milling Wheel 88mm x 24mm x 50mm Bore for Granite, Engineered Stone, Marble, Quartz, Quartzite. Premium Italian made gauging and milling wheels.

Red Cat Great Blade, Great Price

Weha Red Cat Diamond Bridge Saw Blade are great blades at a great price point. Made to be a good blade for all stone. Built with 15mm height tapered segments made to be an open cutting segment.

Filter Press Compact Water Recycling

Filter Project Compact Water Recycling System installs inside or outside of the processing facility. It can be installed inside the fabrication shop because of its compact size.

Weha Ceramic & Porcelain Core Bits

The Weha Porcelain and Ceramic Core bits are for use on porcelain and ceramic tile and slabs. Also excellent on granite, marble, engineered stone and quartz stone. Will not chip the ceramic or porcelain around the hole.

Part#  13347 4" Weha 3 STEP Hybrid POS 1 Diamond Polishing Pad Granite Marble Engineered Stone 3" Weha 3 Step Hybrid P1


Weha Price: $21.00
Granite Router, Variable Speed Granite Router, Digispeed Electric Profile Machine Part#  8000 Taurus Digispeed


Weha Price: $5,285.06
Part#  13350SET Weha 3 step hybrid diamond polishing pads set 4 inch Weha 3 Step Hybrid Set/3


Weha Price: $82.50
Granite Router, Engineered Stone Router, Edge Profiling Machine Route,r Oma CP99, Part# 8002 CP99


Weha Price: $3,978.17