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T300 UNI-PAD Vacuum Lifter Air Only
Part#  8010296 Weha T300 Pnuematic Vacuum Lifter Air

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Weha Price: $2,184.84

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:In Stock
Part Number: 8010296

Weha T300 Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter Unipad Air Only

The Weha T300 Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter comes with the Air connection only.
Runs off of a small compressor with a min 2 CFM and 60psi.
Load Capacity Horizontal: 661 lbs
Load Capacity Vertical: 331 lbs
Suction Plate: 21.3" x 6"
Weight: 33 lbs

This can be connected to an air compressor that operates via a venturi system.
Comes with a multi-filter and water trapPrevents the penetration of dust and moisture.
Protects the pneumatic structural parts against premature wearVery visible pressure gauge.
Comes with a built in safety-vacuum tank made of aluminum material (non-corrosive!)

The Weha T300 Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter bottom is designed with the Weha New Generation UNIPAD Vacuum Suction Pad:Simple, extremely fast changing of the vacuum-rubber seals

Universally applicable for polished and for rough upper surfaces!

Maybe be used on granite, marble, all natural stones, engineered stone, glass, metal, etc

Lower servicing costs and maintenance charges since the rubber seals are easily replaceable.Increased safety over other lifters because the UNIPADS create a stronger, tighter vacuum seal.
All parts are easily replaced for years of use.
Comes with a 6 month warranty

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