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Weha De-Ice Ice and Frost Remover
Part # DEICE Weha De-Ice Ice & Frost Remover

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Weha has distributors across the USA. Please email us at info@wehausa.com with your company name and zip code. We will put you in contact with the distributor nearest you. You may call as well: 877-315-4761 for assistance. Or, you can find this product online at the above distributor websites.

Weha Price: $7.13

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:In Stock
Part Number: DEICE

Weha De-Ice Ice & Frost Remover quickly melts ice and frost. Improves visibility and helps prevent ice formation.
Provides a fast and simple way to thaw ice and frost from windshields, headlights, locks, doors, icy steps, tires, equipment and many other surfaces. Helps prevent fogging when applied to inside of window surfaces. Improves visibility by preventing ice buildup once applied. Improves traction of wheels on extra thin ice. Will prevent ice formation for hours if used in advance.

Will not harm paint, cloth, metal, rubber, glass or plastic. Works quickly and effectively.

Please contact Weha at info@wehausa.com for SDS and/or TDS.

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