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T30R3 Position 3 CNC Wheel
Profile T30R3 Finishing Wheel - #XT-T30R3EXC3

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Part Number: XT-T30R3EXC3


T30R3 Position 3 Granite Finishing Tool

The T30R3 tool executes the finishing phase on the granite. This phase plays a vital role in the slab's working process and is important to obtaining an excellent final result since it is the bridge between the grinding process and the polishing process.

The T30R3 Position 3 for granite has a steel core with high tolerance. the extra-fine abrasive diamond powder is laid through a an electroplating process at high density. This results in a granite finishing tool with extreme stiffness and an excellent finishing of the profile, preparing it for the polishing phase of the process.

Main Characteristics

The following features of the T30R3 tools are as follows:

  • Finishing of the Profile Geometry
  • Perfect Finishing of the Profile
  • Optimization for the Polishing Phase

The following tables provide you with the measurements of the T30R3 Granite Finishing wheel and the specification of the granite profiling wheels wheels respectively.

T30R3 Specifications
Max D 74mm T30R3 Grinding Wheel for Granite
Min D 60mm
Height 46mm
Rad 3mm
Bore 35mm
Granite Profiling Wheels
Position Stock Removal Rotating Speed Feed Rate mm/min Feed Rate inch/min
0G 0 5500 RPM 800-4000 mm/min 32-160 inch/min


5500 RPM 800-5000 mm/min 32-200 inch/min
2MG 0.019 inch (0.5 mm) 5500 RPM 800-4000 mm/min 32-200 inch/min
EXC3 0.011 inch (0.3 mm) 5500 RPM 800-5000 mm/min 32-200 inch/min
4 0.003 inch (0.1 mm) 3000 RPM 600-5000 mm/min 24-200 inch/min
5 0.003 inch (0.1 mm) 3000 RPM 600-5000 mm/min 24-200 inch/min
6 0.0019 inch (0.05 mm) 3000 RPM 600-5000 mm/min 24-200 inch/min

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