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Protective Measures for Soapstone Installs

If you are a shop that works with soapstone you may already know much of the information in this article. But if you are setting up a new shop and plan on working with soapstone, this is information that you will most certainly need to know about countertop installation protection since it can affect the profitability of your shop. In this article we will talk about some of the techniques used for protecting your soapstone installations and how it makes a difference in your business's success.

Soapstone Install Protection During Storage

It may not seem like the storage of soapstone has anything to do with the installation and the protecting of that install. Yet, the two are connected very intimately and the storage of soapstone is one of the first points where the install could be marred.

Even sitting in a storage rack soapstone can get dinged, chipped, or scratched. If these imperfections are not noticed they can end up sitting in a kitchen. That's right, countertops get installed with blemishes that perhaps occured before they ever were cut. Therefore, how a soapstone slab is stored plays a role in the final results. Thus, storage techniques affect the installation. Even if the marred area is noticed, it still takes time, energy, and money to correct it. Because of this, proper use of the right racks is important to the installation of soapstone.

Fabrication Techniques Protect Soapstone Installs

Anytime during the fabrication process soapstone can get damaged. Not all damage is the same and some is less serious than other damage. But any scratches or chips that occur during the process of cutting, shaping, and polishing a soapstone countertop can show up in the final product.

You can protect the install of soapstone countertops during the fabrication process. how the tools are used by the fabricator as well as the quality of the tools themselves contribute to the install quality. However, using blades, polishing pads and core bits designed for soapstone is important as well.

Transporting Soapstone Safely Protects Installs

Protecting the installation of soapstone definitely involves the transport step. After all, if the surface material falls off the delivery van and breaks, that would surely be a real problem. Thus, transport habits contribute to the protection of a quality install.

Soapstone transport racks are a key element in protecting your soapstone countertop installs. After all, if a soapstonesurface is scratched or chipped across its face, wouldn't that amount to a sub-par installation? That's why it is recommended that all of your racks transporting soapstone be well maintained and in good working condition. Regular inspections and upkeep will go a long way in protecting countertops.

Protection During Soapstone Installations

Soapstone countertop installs are not only protected up to the time they are installed, but as they are performed as well. Perhaps this is the stage of the process that came to your mind at the very beginning of the article.

Soapstone installs are protected at the time of installation in a couple of ways. As we talked about before, the transporting of the material needs to be done properly. At this point in the process though, the original material has had parts cut out. So, it requires even more care depending on how much of the surface has been removed. Again, as before, the proper equipment must be used so that the soapstone is not scratched or chipped. The last thing you want is to add more work at this stage in the process.

Protecting Soapstone Surfaces After They Are Done

Up to now all the protection of your soapstone countertop install has been by your own hand (well the hand(s) of the employees working the project). But now that the job is done, it needs to be protected more than any other point up to now.

Keeping the soapstone surface from becoming damaged now will require something more than proper tool usage and know-how. Other trades may come in behind your crew and they will see that nice open area differently than you and your crew does. To them it will look more like a soapstone workbench. What is needed now is a way to communicate to everyone coming in behind you that the surface is not for use and that it must not be used for anything. Additionally, keeping it free from dust and other debris that will be stirred up in the air will help keep it from getting scratched.

In light of what we have discussed in this article, would you say that having protecting soapstone countertop installs from beginning to end makes sense? Many would say that it does. In fact, there are many inividuals that prefer to make their work easier by utilizing practices we have in this article. If you do, you might also benefit from these practices.

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