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Replacement Planet Unit for Granite-Master
Replacement Planet Unit for Granite-Master Weha USA

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Part Number: 6311787


Replacement Planet Unit for Granite-Master

The Replacement Planet Unit for Granite-Master is a tool in the bushhammering line of equipment designed to work in conjunction with other bushhammering texturing tools from Weha.

This Replacement Planet Unit for Granite-Master is designed to be used in conjunction with the following bushammering tool lines:

  • 3-11 Granite-Master

3-11 Granite Master

The 3-11 Granite-Master is an adjustable tool for bushhammering anti-skid on sandstone and granite surfaces.

The 3-11 Granite-Master is designed for use with the Rupes GL040E angle grinder with speed regulation.

The new guide with the wheels that also lay on the top to work makes the job of the user easier since these wheels make the tool more stable during use.

On hard and abrasive materials the Granite-Master system offers a long life to the rollers with no need for sharpening the tips since they automatically sharpen during operation.

With the 3-11 Granite-Master stone professionals make variable width anti-skid textures ranging from 3 cm to 11 cm. Additionally, the tool can be used for bushhammering edges of 3 cm granite material.

3-11 Granite-Master Technical Information

Technical Specifics
Workable Materials Limestone and Marble
Types of Bushhammering Results 3
Maximum Rotation Speed RPM 4,000
Adjustable Width of Anti-Skid Infinitely from 3-11 cm
Weight 6.17 lbs (2.8 kg)
  • Includes Mounting Accessories & Technical Instruction

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