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Protective Measures for Quartz Installs

Although quartz is a durable material, it is not indestructible and must be protected from various threats. Whether you are working with it in a fabrication shop, taking it to an installation site, installing it, or have left the job completed in full, you will no doubt have think about protecting quartz installs at all times. This means using practices and techinques designed to preserve whatever work has already been completed. In this article we are going to explore some of the tips used by many to protect quartz installations.

Quartz Install Protection During Storage

When it comes to storing quartz, there are some important things to consider. One of these is how the storage of the slab affects the installation of the countertop. You might not think that these apsects of stone fabrication are related to one another, but they are.

Even sitting in a storage rack quartz can get dinged, chipped, or scratched. If these imperfections are not noticed they can end up sitting in a kitchen. That's right, countertops get installed with blemishes that perhaps occured before they ever were cut. Therefore, how a quartz slab is stored plays a role in the final results. Thus, storage techniques affect the installation. Even if the marred area is noticed, it still takes time, energy, and money to correct it. Because of this, proper use of the right racks is important to the installation of quartz.

Protecting Installs During Quartz Fabrication

Scratches, chips, and even breaks are possible during the process of fabrication of quartz. Cutting, shaping, grinding, and polishing quartz surfaces carry the potential of producing a less-than-optimal install in the long run.

Tips for protecting the install by producing a perfect quartz surface during fabrication include using tools best suited for quartz. Additionally, knowing how to use them is key as well. If you want to protect the install quality, using the right tools is important.

Protect Quartz Countertops During Transport

As we have seen thus far, quartz installs must be protected every step of the way. The transporting of the material is no exception. Something as simple as moving quartz from one location to another can end up in a sub-par installation. So it is good to know how to protect the install during transport.

Properly maintained equipment and the correct sized racks are important to protecting the installation of quartz countertops. For example, if one rubber cap on a corner of a rack postis not in good condition, it could spell disaster in the way of a scratch that increases install time or even puts off the install. This equates to time and money for your business. Using racks that are in good shape and keeping them maintained surely plays a role in protecting the installation.

Installing Quartz & Countertop Protection

As you might imagine, countertops made from quartz must be installed in a way that protects the install quality just as we have mentioned in each of the parts of the process we have looked at up to now.

Quartz installs are protected at the time of installation in a couple of ways. As we talked about before, the transporting of the material needs to be done properly. At this point in the process though, the original material has had parts cut out. So, it requires even more care depending on how much of the surface has been removed. Again, as before, the proper equipment must be used so that the quartz is not scratched or chipped. The last thing you want is to add more work at this stage in the process.

Installed Quartz Countertop Protection

As much opportunity ther has been for the quartz install project to be marred up to this point, it now needs protection more than it ever has. Why" Because the completed project is going to exposed to others. Individuals that may not know about the dos and don'ts of quartz surfaces.

Keeping the quartz surface from becoming damaged now will require something more than proper tool usage and know-how. Other trades may come in behind your crew and they will see that nice open area differently than you and your crew does. To them it will look more like a quartz workbench. What is needed now is a way to communicate to everyone coming in behind you that the surface is not for use and that it must not be used for anything. Additionally, keeping it free from dust and other debris that will be stirred up in the air will help keep it from getting scratched.

As we have seen in this article, installation of quartz countertops is better accomplished when the techniques and practices discussed here are put into place. By making use of the tips mentioned in this article you will be better equipped to protect your high quality installation.

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