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Onyx Install Protective Practices

One material that is used for hard surfaces in homes, businesses, and even public buildings is onyx. And there are a few practices and techniques used for onyx countertop installation protection. These tasks effectively contribute to the profitability of your shop in the long run. In this article, we will take a look at tips for protecting onyx installations and why it is good to implement these practices.

Storing Onyx and Protecting the Install

Even though the storage of onyx takes place so long before the installation, these two aspects of stone countertop fabrication are related. In fact, storing onyx can create all sorts of problems if steps are not taken to protect the install.

The first place a piece of onyx contributes to the protection of the installation is while it is in storage. Storing onyx material is best accomplished by using the proper storage equipment in the correct manner. Why? Because there are events that occur in storage that could hinder the quality of the installation if not corrected. So, the storage of onyx is a factor in how the install turns out and the two aspects of fabricating this material are related.

Onyx Fabrication Installation Protection

Scratches, chips, and even breaks are possible during the process of fabrication of onyx. Cutting, shaping, grinding, and polishing onyx surfaces carry the potential of producing a less-than-optimal install in the long run.

Tips for protecting the install by producing a perfect onyx surface during fabrication include using tools best suited for onyx. Additionally, knowing how to use them is key as well. If you want to protect the install quality, using the right tools is important.

Installation Protection of Onyx Affected by Transport

Onyx that is transported need to be done so carefully and safely. This is because, even as the previous phases of the fabrication process can hinder the installation results, so can the transport phase. That's right! Installation protection occurs during the transport phase as well.

Onyx transport racks are a key element in protecting your onyx countertop installs. After all, if a onyxsurface is scratched or chipped across its face, wouldn't that amount to a sub-par installation? That's why it is recommended that all of your racks transporting onyx be well maintained and in good working condition. Regular inspections and upkeep will go a long way in protecting countertops.

Onyx Installation Protection

Obviously the step of the onyx countertop fabrication process that carries the potential for protecting the installation is the install itself. After all, it is the exact task that we are talking about protecting.

If you are installing onyx countertops you must handle the material in such a way that it doesn't bend or twist. Additionally, the ability to have a good grip on the surface is key. Therefore, another way of protecting the install quality is to utilize tools and equipment to help with gripping and positioning the onyx surface into place.

After Installation Onyx Countertop Protection

Up to now all the protection of your onyx countertop install has been by your own hand (well the hand(s) of the employees working the project). But now that the job is done, it needs to be protected more than any other point up to now.

Protecting onyx surfaces after they have been completely installed is perhaps the most challenging since you and your tema will not be interacting with the material at all. After all, what used to be a onyx slab is now a completed countertop. However, after you leave there will be many others that come into area and some will be working on other aspects of the construction. These will be tempted to use the new countertop as a place to put tools, material, and even lunch. Using a caution warning protective countertop film that let's others know not to use the surface for anything is your final method for protecting the install.

Like other stone industry materials, onyx countertops need to be protected through the entire process. Being mindful of this need as the onyx surface is being stored, transported, installed, and even sitting completecontributes to overall profitability of your business.

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