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Monkey Pad Series Polishing Pads

Monkey Quartz Face Polishing Pads

Weha Monkey Pads are a polishing pad system designed for surface polishing and face polishing when you have a need for some specific results. These pads are great for blending and repair work; particularly inside of a home or business. Repairing a quartz countertop inside of a home where water is limited? This pad is the one to reach for. Resurfacing a marble slab and haven't found the right polishing disc? Try this one and test the results.

Polishing Pad for Blending Textures

Repair work requires the blending of the countertop surface using tools that effectively work the face of the stone in such a way that the texture is blended. Thus, producing a nice, evenly distributed texture, making this pad series a go to product for doing repair work on granite and engineered quartz surfaces.