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Protective Measures for Limestone Installs

In the world of stone fabrication there are a number of materials that are used for hard surfaces. One of those materials is limestone. And when you work with limestone, there are some tips and tricks that make your installations more successful. This page is related to protecting your countertop installs. In this article we will talk a bit about some of the techniques used when installing limestone surfaces and why these methods are good to practice.

Proper Limestone Storage Protects the Installation

When it comes to storing limestone, there are some important things to consider. One of these is how the storage of the slab affects the installation of the countertop. You might not think that these apsects of stone fabrication are related to one another, but they are.

Even just sitting in the rack, a limestone surface can pick up some blemishes that affect the quality of the installation. That's why we can say that the storage of the limestone material plays a role in protecting the quality of the installation. Getting even one scratch on it requires effort and time to correct it to the point that it is worthy of being installed. So be sure that your storage practices are such that the material isn't put in harm's way. Inevitably there are going to be improvements that need to be made to a surface. But the fewer the better.

Protecting Installs During Limestone Fabrication

Anytime during the fabrication process limestone can get damaged. Not all damage is the same and some is less serious than other damage. But any scratches or chips that occur during the process of cutting, shaping, and polishing a limestone countertop can show up in the final product.

Taking care to use blades and shaping tools that are designed for limestone and that product clean cuts will go far. If polishing that surface, the quality of the pads and the proper use of them will contribute too. Remember, the fabrication has the potential to protect the install.

Protect Limestone Countertops During Transport

As we have seen thus far, limestone installs must be protected every step of the way. The transporting of the material is no exception. Something as simple as moving limestone from one location to another can end up in a sub-par installation. So it is good to know how to protect the install during transport.

Limestone transport racks are a key element in protecting your limestone countertop installs. After all, if a limestonesurface is scratched or chipped across its face, wouldn't that amount to a sub-par installation? That's why it is recommended that all of your racks transporting limestone be well maintained and in good working condition. Regular inspections and upkeep will go a long way in protecting countertops.

Limestone Installation Protection

Limestone countertop installs are not only protected up to the time they are installed, but as they are performed as well. Perhaps this is the stage of the process that came to your mind at the very beginning of the article.

The install of limestone countertops takes equipment that is designed to prevent it from scratching or chipping. Vacuum cups help the installers to lift, handle, and position the material as they put it in place. Slab dollies and other specialized equipment also adds to the protection of the install during this part of the process.

Installed Limestone Countertop Protection

Up to now all the protection of your limestone countertop install has been by your own hand (well the hand(s) of the employees working the project). But now that the job is done, it needs to be protected more than any other point up to now.

Now the task will be to try to keep other trades from using the limestone countertop so that it doesn't get scratched, stained, or chipped from tools or food. An effective way of caring for this is to make use of a protective countertop film with a caution warning that let's others know that the limestone surface is not ready for anyone to use. Adding this coating will also keep dust from getting on the surface and scratching the top of the limestone countertop.

As we have seen in this article, installation of limestone countertops is better accomplished when the techniques and practices discussed here are put into place. By making use of the tips mentioned in this article you will be better equipped to protect your high quality installation.

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