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About Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface

Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface Countertop Install Info

Lg Hi Macs is a Solid Surface product that provides a cost effective alternative for homeowners looking to upgrade a kitchen countertop. HI-MACS products are available in a variety of color options. Even though Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface is cost effective, it is viewed by many to be sufficently durable for use in the kitchen as a hard surface countertop.

As with many other Solid Surface products, there are certain aspects about the product that owners should be aware of. For example, how do you care for Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface? What is the warranty information? And what should you know about having this particular Solid Surface product installed? These are things that we will look at briefly here.

Lg Hi Macs Available Colors

Solid Surface is available in a variety of colors. Each company offers its own selection and Lg Hi Macs has a range of stylish colors as well. Some of the colors offered by Lg Hi Macs are:

  • Coconut G170
  • Tusk S230
  • Vintage Chic W013
  • Winter White S306
  • Kala Chana W012
  • Lago M430
  • Lentil W007
  • Marron W009
  • Noble Cane W011
  • Shadow Queen W003
  • Alabaster W102
  • Cobblestone W103
  • Diamond Dust Gp312
  • Edessa M501
  • Ferrara M503
  • Frostine W101
  • Glacial Gp314
  • Glitz Gp313
  • Strato Cloud Z001
  • Strato Sand Z002
  • Strato Wind Z003
  • Vathi M502
  • Naples M904
  • Edessa M501
  • Ice Queen W001
  • Arctic Granite G34
  • Breeze M306
  • Mist M307
  • Moondust G160
  • Kamet L017
  • Frostine W101
  • Glacial Gp314
  • Glitz Gp313
  • Winter White S306
  • Platinum Granite G007
  • Gray Sand G002
  • Nordic White S214
  • Ghost White St907
  • Alpine White S028
  • Arctic White S006
  • Arctic Granite G34
  • Ivory White S029
  • Opal S302
  • Lunar Sand G108
  • Genova M209
  • Breeze M306
  • Mist M307
  • Haze M308
  • Andromeda T017
  • Merino Gt914
  • Crystal Beige G101
  • Egg White Gt910
  • Tundra Quartz G65
  • Pause R009
  • Harmony R542
  • White Quartz G04
  • Ripe Cotton G518R
  • Milky Way T009
  • Birch Bark Nr G714
  • Tapioca Pearl G50
  • Merino Gt914
  • Tambora Ve01
  • Moondust G160
  • Ice Queen W001
  • Kamet L017
  • Cloud W002
  • Geyser L014
  • Arcas T050
  • White Granite G05
  • Carina T018
  • Pebble Pearl_G107
  • Gray S005
  • Macchiato G111
  • Moonscape Quartz G058
  • Vanilla Sugar Gt913
  • Relieve R530
  • Almond S002
  • Cream S009
  • Luster L016
  • Moon Haze G118
  • Oatmeal Gt938
  • Venus T001
  • Sea Oat Quartz G038
  • Coswal G125
  • Rest R118
  • Simplicity R943
  • Maui Quartz G223R
  • Almond Pearl G08
  • Populus Gt949
  • Sonoran Granite G075
  • Cosmos T002
  • Lemongrass G503R
  • Bellany Gt933
  • Honeysuckle G504R
  • Harvest Gt908
  • Annato Granite G606
  • Casera Ve24
  • Pluto T005
  • Sugar Maple Nr G710
  • Maple Meadow G121
  • Shasta Ve26
  • Desert Sand G001
  • Saturn T003
  • Terni M201
  • Lucca M203
  • Venetian Sand G42
  • Pavao Vc04
  • Gray Granite G017
  • Storm Granite G602
  • Trail Gray Gt912
  • Pisa M207
  • Banana S26
  • Fiery Red S025
  • Steel Gray S209
  • Portland Gt945
  • Marta Gray S207
  • Concrete Gray S103
  • Toffee Brown S104
  • Wallowa G157
  • Mesa Granite G73
  • Umber Granite G605
  • Allspice Quartz G63
  • Volcanic Ice Gt918
  • Midnight Pearl G015
  • Kao Vc05
  • Basillica M321
  • Graphite Granite G103
  • Horse Chestnut Nr G712
  • Parma M205
  • Mocha Granite G074
  • Bamboo Leaf G122
  • Coffee Brown S100
  • Armadillo Gt909
  • Pantheon M322
  • Colosseum M323
  • Monza M206
  • Merapi Vb01
  • Black Pearl G010
  • Black Granite G031
  • Black S022

Solid Surface Care & Maintenance

The care and maintenance for Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface is pretty straight forward if you take a brief look at the documentation for the material. The website makes the following statement about caring for Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface in its documentation:

Normal cleaning only requires a damp cloth and a mild cleanser. If you’ve chosen a matte finish, you can use an abrasive cleaner like Ajax or Comet. If you do use an abrasive cleaner, we recommend periodically cleaning the entire surface in a circular motion to maintain uniformity.

With a little bit of care, you can get the most use out of your Solid Surface by Lg Hi Macs. So be sure you thouroughly read the care and maintenance information if you choose Lg Hi Macs.

Lg Hi Macs Warranty Information

One of the first things people want to know about when it comes to Solid Surface is the warranty information. Lg Hi Macs offers a 15 year warranty. Here is a snippet taken from the documentation regarding the warranty of Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface:

LG Hausys expressly warrants that it will repair or replace this product, free of charge, if it fails due to any manufacturing defect during the first 15 years after initial installation.

So, even though Solid Surface is cost effective, Lg Hi Macs stands behind their Solid Surface with a warranty of 15. As a general rule, you should read through your warranty information first thing after your Solid Surface is installed.

Installing Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface Countertops

When it comes to installing Solid Surface, there are some things that you should keep in mind. You might be wondering, "Why do I need to know how to install Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface?" That is a fair question.

Even if you are not installing your Solid Surface it helps to know what the process entails so you are not in the dark as the install process is completed. Here are the steps for how to install Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface countertops.

  1. First, have the proper tools. If you are installing Solid Surface, you will need to be sure you have these tools and supplies before you begin installing. However, if you are having it installed, the fabrication professional has most likely already invested in these tools.
  2. Second, measure your space. Measure out the stone and mark the slab for cutouts like the sink hole and the faucet holes. This can be tricky and will require more tools. In fact, additional tools are specifically made for the purpose of cutting out the sink holes and faucet holes.
  3. Third, set the slab in place. After measuring the area to see where the cuts need to be made, lay the Lg Hi Macs on the base without any adhesive. This will allow you to get a good idea of how well the Solid Surface will fit.
  4. Fourth, apply the adhesive to the stone, set back in place and allow it to cure.
  5. Finally, install the countertop backsplash. If you have elected to have a backsplash installed with your Lg Hi Macs surface, you will install it afterward. Choosing the proper backsplash for your Solid Surface plays a key role in your project.

Lg Hi Macs Installation Tips

Installing Lg Hi Macs countertops is not a project that will take only one afternoon. In fact, the whole process takes multiple days. This is because the consequences are huge if there is a mistake.

So, if you are installing your Lg Hi Macs yourself, be sure you set aside plenty of time for the task. Otherwise, you may end up overloading yourself and having to hire a fabricator anyway.

Additionally, if you are going the do-it-yourself route, you will want to be sure you have the correct tools for the job; all of which are available through distributors listed here on our website.

We offer a wide selection of products that can be used to install solid surface countertops; and that includes installing Lg Hi Macs surfaces. When you go to install the slab, be sure you have all the right tools for the project. Here are some reminders for installing solid surface & supporting stone surfaces.

We offer diamond blades that are designed to cut Lg Hi Macs slabs. Even stone that is harder than solid surface can be cut with the Grey Leopard diamond blade. It is by no means the only blade that we offer to cut solid surface surfaces; but it does well.

Another blade that cuts solid surface as discussed on other websites is the White Lion. The White Lion is the "king of the jungle" when it comes to hard stone cutting blades.

Another tool that is required for installing Lg Hi Macs is polishing pads (that is, if you want a polished finish). We offer a number of polishing pads that work well for solid surface surfaces. Depending on whether the polishing is done in a wet environment or dry environment, there are multiple pads from which to choose. Here are some specific pad types:

  • ES Polishing Pads - the name says it all when it comes to this pad. It is designed to polish engineered stone and solid surface is an engineered stone.
  • Engineered Stone Polishing Pads - this seven step polishing pad system polishes without burning the material. This is important when working with solid surface

Lg Hi Macs Installation Reminders

If you are going to be installing stone, keep these reminders in mind:

  • Know which type of edge the customer wants on the countertop when they install the material.
  • Do you have the proper clips that are needed for the sink installation?
  • What type of sink will the countertop have? Is there one in particular that compliments the Lg Hi Macs collection you are installing?
  • Make sure you are all set on dry polishing pads just in case you have to touch up the surface.
  • If there is an overhang, have you included the correct quality countertop support brackets for the installation?

In the end Lg Hi Macs Solid Surface can provide you with a solid hard surface that will provide you years of use if cared for properly. And knowing a bit about it and how it is installed can go a long way!