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About KStone Quartz

Like many other quartz producers, KStone Quartz makes its engineered stone materials using 93% quartz. The rest of each slab is composed of 7% resin and pigments. Since quartz is manufactured, it can be made to resemble various natural stones. KStone Quartz makes its products to "brighten up" interiors of its customers.

According to the KStone Quartz website, various thicknesses and colors are available from which you may choose. The website makes the following statement:

We deliver various types of quartz-based materials and our clients can choose the colour and thickness needed to create the products they dream of.

So, what is the selection like?

Available Quartz Colors

Every quartz supplier or manufacturer offers its own selection of colors and patterns. In addition to colors and patterns, various finishes are offered as well. KStone Quartz produces a few styles of quartz these are:

As implied by the names, each of these lines of quartz are made to resemble specific types of natural stone. Here are the color/pattern names by series:

Quartz Series

  • V8001
  • V8002
  • V8004
  • V8005
  • V8006
  • V8007
  • V8008
  • V8009
  • V8011
  • V8012
  • V8014
  • V8017
  • Y9029
  • Y9006
  • Y9008
  • Y9014
  • Y9015
  • Y9016
  • Y9017
  • Y9018
  • Y9020
  • Y9022
  • Y9023
  • K1002
  • F7004
  • C5000
  • C5003
  • C5009
  • C5010
  • C5012
  • C5013
  • C5016
  • C5017
  • C5021
  • C5025
  • C5026
  • C5027
  • C5074
  • C5079
  • C5101
  • C5104
  • C5109
  • C5110
  • C5114
  • C5117
  • B4001
  • B4002
  • B4003
  • B4005
  • B4007
  • B4008
  • B4011
  • A3000
  • A3022
  • A3011
  • A3093
  • A3106


KStone Quartz offers a lifetime warranty for their products because they believe in its quality. KStone makes the following statement on the KStone website:

Your peace of mind is our priority and this is the reason why all KStone residential clients are offered a lifetime warranty for each quartz surface product purchased from us.

As you can see from the statement above, KStone offers their warranty with the intention of easing the minds of its customers.

Care & Maintenance

As a general rule, quartz is relatively easy to take care of. If you follow some basic, simple rules, you can clean it with warm water and mild soap. However, it can be temperamental if you begin using chemicals on it or leaving home made concoctions on the surface for long periods of time. Caring for KStone Quartz is simple as well. Here are some basics when it comes to maintaining the look of your quartz surface:

However, there are other substances that can cause discolorations on your quartz surface. For the varieties of things that can stain your surfaces, it is good to look into the various types of stain removal products and cleaners.

  • Use a pH neutral cleaner designed for quartz as your daily cleaner. Although, you can use soap and water, some quartz owners have reported streaks after using soap and water to clean surfaces.
  • Keep your quartz away from harsh chemicals for lengths of time; and some chemicals should never be used. See the manufacturer's care and maintenance guide for detailed lists.
  • Use care when working with sharp edges or knives. KStone Quartz is scratch resistant, but not scratch proof.
  • Always use a trivet or a hot pad when placing pots on your quartz surfaces. Quartz is not heat proof.

Caring for your quartz is an important aspect of owning it, but you have to have it installed first. So let's briefly take a look at how the quartz surface gets installed in the first place.

How to Install

If you have your eye on new quartz countertops in your kitchen or bathroom and have set you heart on KStone for the hard surfaces, then you may be interested in finding out what goes into installing KStone. Even if you do not want to know how to install KStone so that you can install it yourself it is still wise to research it. Why?

Even if you are having a fabrication professional install your quartz surfaces, knowing what the project consists of can help you understand the pricing, timing, and scope of what you are having done. Here are the steps for how to install KStone Quartz countertops.

  1. Having the proper tools - if you are installing the quartz, you will need to be sure you have these tools and supplies before you begin installing the KStone. However, if you are having it installed, the fabrication professional has most likely already invested in these tools and has them for the install.
  2. Measure your space - measure out the stone and mark the slab(s) for cutouts like the sink hole and the faucet holes. This can be tricky and will require more tools. In fact, the additional tools are specifically made for this purpose.
  3. Setting the quartz - after measuring the area to see where the cuts need to be made, lay out your KStone quartz on the base without any adhesive. This will allow you to get a good idea of how well the quartz will fit.
  4. Install your backsplash - if you have elected to have a backsplash installed with your KStone quartz surface, you will install it after the surface has been installed. Choosing the proper backsplash for your KStone surface plays a key role in the appeal of your project.

Installing KStone countertops is not a project that will take only one afternoon. In fact, the whole process takes multiple days because the consequences are huge if there is a mistake. So, if you are installing your KStone yourself, be sure you set aside plenty of time for the task. Otherwise, you may end up overloading yourself and having to hire a fabricator anyway. Additionally, if you are going the do-it-yourself route, you will want to be sure you have the correct tools for the job; all of which are available through distributors you can find here on our website.

Installation Tools

We offer a wide selection of products that can be used when installing quartz countertops; and that includes installing KStone quartz surfaces. When you go to install the slab, be sure you have all the right tools for the project. Here are some reminders for installing quartz & stone surfaces.

Sure, We have diamond blades that are designed to cut KStone quartz slabs. The Matrix S diamond blade is outstanding for cutting quartz surfaces. It is by no means the only blade that we offer to cut quartz surfaces, but it does an outstanding job.

Another tool that is required for installing KStone Quartz is polishing pads (that is if you want a polished finish). Weha offers a number of polishing pads that work well for quartz surfaces. Depending on whether the polishing is done in a wet environment or dry environment, there are multiple choices. Here are some specifics:

Reminders for Installing Stone

  1. Know which type of edge the customer wants on the countertop when they install the material.
  2. Do you have the proper sink clips that are needed for the installation?
  3. What type of sink will the countertop have? Is there one in particular that compliments the KStone collection you are installing?
  4. Make sure you are all set on dry polishing pads just in case you have to touch up the surface during the install.
  5. If there is an overhang, have you included the the correct quality countertop support brackets for the installation?
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