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Blitz 14" x 20mm Bridge Saw
Granite Stone Diamond Bridge Saw Blade Blitz 3DX Arix 14" 20mm Part # 9420

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Weha Price: $312.98

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Part Number: 9420

Blitz 14" x 20mm 3DX Arix Technology Bridge Saw Blade for Granite and Engineered Stone

Weha Blitz 14" 3DX Granite Diamond Bridge Saw Blades have reset the standard of what the best diamond blades should compare to.

Engineered with 3 dimensional pattern technology throughout the entire diamond segment, the Blitz 3DX Granite and Quartz Blade will foot print the most diamonds on stone at any given time.

This 3 Dimensional Technology creates the longest lasting blade on the market. Up to 35% longer than other premium blades.

Weha built the 14" Blitz 3DX Granite Bridge Saw blade on a premium Silent Steel Core that will not flex or come out of tension.

The Weha Blitz 3DX Granite Bridge Saw blade was specifically built for faster production work with much more cutting life.

The Weha Blitz come in 2 different segment heights: 20mm and 25mm. Choose the blade that your shop is most comfortable using.

In our testing of both the 20mm and 25mm Bridge Saw blades, the 35% extra life was very consistent when compared to other 20mm & 25mm height bridge saw blades.

Outstanding as a 45 Degree Miter Diamond Bridge Saw Blade. Strong Core that does not flex in Granite or Engineered Stone, Quartz materials

  • Up to 35% Longer Life than other premium Bridge Saw Blades
  • 3D Diamond Placement Technology
  • Premium Grade Silent Core for noise reduction, no flexing, and not losing tension
  • 60/50 Bushing included

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