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Floating Countertop Support Brackets

For many installations, there is a need for support brackets that are invisible. Supporting a stone countertop that hangs over the edge of a cabinet, island, or other fixture in a kitchen design is often done using corbels. This is great when the design style allows for this type of support mechanism. Yet, there are design styles that call for an invisible support method. For these cases, choosing a support bracket that cannot be seen from above the surface is the right option.

Weha USA Floating Countertop Support Brackets

For cases where stone fabrication professionals want to provide a clean, sturdy overhang support method within the design, Weha offers a variety of countetop support brackets. The brackets listed below offer solutions for different scenarios. Continue reading to learn more.

I-Brackets for Granite Floating Countertops

Support brackets for holding up granite overhangs are available in multiple lengths. These support brackets, as the name implies resemble the shape of the letter I. They can be fastened to the structure on which the stone is installed to support the overhanging material. I-brackets for floating granite countertops available from Weha include:

As you can see from the list above, these brackets are available in various lengths to accommodate a variety of overhang lengths. But, I-brackets are not the only tools available for floating countertop installation projects.

L-Brackets for Floating Granite Surfaces

The L-bracket available from Weha USA allows the installer to fasten an overhang to a "knee wall" or "pony wall" so that the suspended stone is supported. THe purpose of the L-bracket is similar to the I-bracket mentioned above. Yet it is shaped like the letter L rather than the letter I. The available sizes of L support brackets for floating stone surfaces are:

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