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CD1S20 Position 1 CNC Wheel
Part # XT-CD1S20FG20C1MG Position 1 1/2 Gas CD1S20 Marble/Granite Grinding Bit

Weha Price: $405.66

Part Number: XT-CD1S20FG20C1MG


Marble/Granite CD1S20 Position 1 for Grinding

This CNC tool executes the marble/granite grinding to prepare the slab for the the following smoothing phase. This is due to the high performance in terms of cutting speed, and removal capacity supplied by the pantented interchangeable sectors of the CD1S20 Position 1 Marble/Granite Grinding wheel.

The following tables provide you with the measurements of the CD1S20 Marble/Granite Grinding wheel and the specification of the marble/granite profiling wheels respectively.

CD1S20 Specifications
Max D33mmCD1S20 Grinding Bit for Marble/Granite
Min D20mm
Marble/Granite Profiling Bits
PositionStock RemovalRotating SpeedFeed Rate mm/minFeed Rate inch/min
0G05500 RPM800-4000 mm/min32-160 inch/min


5500 RPM800-5000 mm/min32-200 inch/min
2MG0.019 inch (0.5 mm)5500 RPM800-4000 mm/min32-200 inch/min
EXC30.011 inch (0.3 mm)5500 RPM800-5000 mm/min32-200 inch/min
40.003 inch (0.1 mm)3000 RPM600-5000 mm/min24-200 inch/min
50.003 inch (0.1 mm)3000 RPM600-5000 mm/min24-200 inch/min
60.0019 inch (0.05 mm)3000 RPM600-5000 mm/min24-200 inch/min

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