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Protective Measures for Calacatta Marble Installs

One material that is used for hard surfaces in homes, businesses, and even public buildings is calacatta marble. And there are a few practices and techniques used for calacatta marble countertop installation protection. These tasks effectively contribute to the profitability of your shop in the long run. In this article, we will take a look at tips for protecting calacatta marble installations and why it is good to implement these practices.

Proper Calacatta Marble Storage Protects the Installation

When it comes to storing calacatta marble, there are some important things to consider. One of these is how the storage of the slab affects the installation of the countertop. You might not think that these apsects of stone fabrication are related to one another, but they are.

The first place a piece of calacatta marble contributes to the protection of the installation is while it is in storage. Storing calacatta marble material is best accomplished by using the proper storage equipment in the correct manner. Why? Because there are events that occur in storage that could hinder the quality of the installation if not corrected. So, the storage of calacatta marble is a factor in how the install turns out and the two aspects of fabricating this material are related.

Care During Calacatta Marble Fabrication Protects Installs

There are points in the calacatta marble fabrication process where scratches, chips, or even cracks can take place. At any of these stages of working the material, a blemish or mistake can hinder the final result and it will be noticed after the install if not before.

You can protect the install of calacatta marble countertops during the fabrication process. how the tools are used by the fabricator as well as the quality of the tools themselves contribute to the install quality. However, using blades, polishing pads and core bits designed for calacatta marble is important as well.

Transporting Calacatta Marble Safely Protects Installs

Protecting the installation of calacatta marble definitely involves the transport step. After all, if the surface material falls off the delivery van and breaks, that would surely be a real problem. Thus, transport habits contribute to the protection of a quality install.

Calacatta Marble countertop installations are protected by using some basic transport practices that prevent the calacatta marble surface from damage. How the calacatta marble is loaded into the truck and unloaded can either cause or prevent chips, scratches or other blemishes that will have to be worked out or repaired at the install site. This increases the amount of time needed to achieve a flawless install. Thus, transporting the material with properly designed and maintained equipment adds to the protection of the install.

Calacatta Marble Installation Protection

In addition to the stages of calacatta marble countertop production that we have discussed thus far, the install itself is one that offers opportunities for protection. Even though it is the part that is protected by other steps, it too contributes to its own protection.

If you are installing calacatta marble countertops you must handle the material in such a way that it doesn't bend or twist. Additionally, the ability to have a good grip on the surface is key. Therefore, another way of protecting the install quality is to utilize tools and equipment to help with gripping and positioning the calacatta marble surface into place.

Post Completion Calacatta Marble Countertop Protection

You might be thinking that is all there is to protecting calacatta marble countertop installs. However, that is not all. Even aafter the job is complete there is still a chance that the install could be marred and that is something that you certainly do not want to happen.

Now the task will be to try to keep other trades from using the calacatta marble countertop so that it doesn't get scratched, stained, or chipped from tools or food. An effective way of caring for this is to make use of a protective countertop film with a caution warning that let's others know that the calacatta marble surface is not ready for anyone to use. Adding this coating will also keep dust from getting on the surface and scratching the top of the calacatta marble countertop.

Like other stone industry materials, calacatta marble countertops need to be protected through the entire process. Being mindful of this need as the calacatta marble surface is being stored, transported, installed, and even sitting completecontributes to overall profitability of your business.

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