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Brick In Construction

Brick is one of those materials used in construction that fills multiple needs and is used for a number of applications. In this short article we will take a look at how bricks are made, spend some time considering how they are used in construction, and see why care must be taken when working extensively with them.

What Are Bricks Made Of?

Interestingly enough, not all bricks are made of the same materials. Although, most people think of small red chunks of stone like units, bricks are fashioned from all sorts of materials and can be a variety of colors. Notice what The American Ceramic Society say this about what bricks are made of:

In current times, the definition of brick has expanded to refer to any small rectangular building unit that is joined to other units via cementitious mortar (larger building units are called blocks). Clay is still one of the main brick materials, but other common materials are sand and lime, concrete, and fly ash.

As you might imagine, the material of which the brick is made plays a role in its color. Additionally, not all bricks are made the same way. And depending on the intended use, the brick is made a little differently. Let's look at the brick making process now.

How Are Bricks Made

One way bricks are made is by molding a clay-based material into the shape desired, allowed to dry, and "locked" into that shape by applying heat. The drying step is important because if a brick contains too much moisture when it is fired, it can crack.

Various Uses for Bricks

Some bricks are used in areas where they will not be seen and others are forward facing and are completely visible. And depending on what a brick will be used for, you may select a specific color and/or shape.

Bricks are so practical and versatile, they re used for many projects. Here just a few of them:

  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Fireplaces
  • Home Exteriors
  • Wall Coverings
  • Mailboxes
  • Shrub Borders
  • Walkway Edging
  • Streets
  • Porches

Dust From Bricks

As practical and useful as bricks are, they are listed in our compilation of materials that produce harmful construction dust because of the materials of which they are composed. As a result, when they are broken, drilled, chiseled, or cut using a saw they generate dust that contains potentially harmful particles. Therefore, if you use bricks of any type in your construction projects, be sure you know what the brick are made of. Also, be sure to be familiar with various kinds of construction dust collectors. Effective dry dust collection solutions assist in keeping the air of the work environment as free of harmful dust as possible.

Bricks are not going to be replaced with other materials anytime soon. Sure there may be variations that continue to be developed and used for building material. But bricks made of clay, and the other materials mentioned fill a very handy role in construction.

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