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Black Granite Install Protective Practices

In the world of stone fabrication there are a number of materials that are used for hard surfaces. One of those materials is black granite. And when you work with black granite, there are some tips and tricks that make your installations more successful. This page is related to protecting your countertop installs. In this article we will talk a bit about some of the techniques used when installing black granite surfaces and why these methods are good to practice.

Protecting Black Granite While Storing

What does storage have to do with the installation of black granite? Actually, it has a lot to do with it. Even though storage is one of the first aspects of the fabrication process, it relates to the install significantly. In fact, how black granite is stored can actually protect the quality of the install.

Any shop that works with black granite will have to store the material for a period of time. When the material is being stored it can accumulate blemishes from all sorts of events. The slab of black granite sitting on the end of an aisle might get clipped or scratched as as a forklift drives by. ALthough it may not be as common as otherpoints in the process, storage mishaps do happen. Thus, the storage of black granite plays a role in the outcome; a quality installation.

Protecting Installs During Black Granite Fabrication

There are points in the black granite fabrication process where scratches, chips, or even cracks can take place. At any of these stages of working the material, a blemish or mistake can hinder the final result and it will be noticed after the install if not before.

Tips for protecting the install by producing a perfect black granite surface during fabrication include using tools best suited for black granite. Additionally, knowing how to use them is key as well. If you want to protect the install quality, using the right tools is important.

Safely Transporting Black Granite Protects Installs

Protecting the installation of black granite definitely involves the transport step. After all, if the surface material falls off the delivery van and breaks, that would surely be a real problem. Thus, transport habits contribute to the protection of a quality install.

Black Granite countertop installations are protected by using some basic transport practices that prevent the black granite surface from damage. How the black granite is loaded into the truck and unloaded can either cause or prevent chips, scratches or other blemishes that will have to be worked out or repaired at the install site. This increases the amount of time needed to achieve a flawless install. Thus, transporting the material with properly designed and maintained equipment adds to the protection of the install.

Protection During Black Granite Installations

Protecting black granite countertop installs doesn't just happen in the previous stages of the process. Protecting countertop installations also occurs during the install process itself. Let's look at how this happens.

The install of black granite countertops takes equipment that is designed to prevent it from scratching or chipping. Vacuum cups help the installers to lift, handle, and position the material as they put it in place. Slab dollies and other specialized equipment also adds to the protection of the install during this part of the process.

After Installation Black Granite Countertop Protection

As much opportunity ther has been for the black granite install project to be marred up to this point, it now needs protection more than it ever has. Why" Because the completed project is going to exposed to others. Individuals that may not know about the dos and don'ts of black granite surfaces.

Now the task will be to try to keep other trades from using the black granite countertop so that it doesn't get scratched, stained, or chipped from tools or food. An effective way of caring for this is to make use of a protective countertop film with a caution warning that let's others know that the black granite surface is not ready for anyone to use. Adding this coating will also keep dust from getting on the surface and scratching the top of the black granite countertop.

As we have seen in this article, installation of black granite countertops is better accomplished when the techniques and practices discussed here are put into place. By making use of the tips mentioned in this article you will be better equipped to protect your high quality installation.

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