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Weha 4" Silicon Carbide Sandpaper Hook and Loop for granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, and all other Stone

Weha line of 4" Silicon Carbide Sandpaper is equal to all the major brand sandpapers out there on the market.
Pure grade silicon on heavy E weight paper allows long lasting sanding and polishing in either a wet or dry environment
Weha offers the Silicon Carbide Sandpaper in both 4" hook and Loop as well as in 5" hook and loop.

Weha Velcro Silicon Carbide Sandpaper comes in grits 40,60,80,120,220,320,400,600.

But Weha has also created the ideal Silicon Carbide Sandpaper variety pack. This 4" silicon carbide sandpaper Assorted kit comes with: 20 60g, 20 80 grit, 20 120 grit, 10 220 grit, 10 320 grit, 10 400 grit, and 10 600 grit.

This pack of 100 is designed for the box of 100 to be consumed evenly as the lower grits of silicon carbide sandpaper are always used twice as fast.

All of the Weha 4" Silicon Carbide Sandpaper grits are boxed in packs of 100 pieces per box. However the cost of Weha box of 100 silicon carbide sandpaper is nearly the price of other name brand silicon carbide sandpaper packs of 50.

Weha has researched sandpaper for nearly 3 years to find uncompromising, consistent, high quality E weight silicon carbide velcro backed sandpaper that we can put our name on. Weha is proud to offer this line of velcro sandpaper to the stone fabricator, knowing it will meet the high expectations that fabricators want and deserve.

Weha also has 4"flex foam velcro back up pads that are excellent compliments to the silicon carbide sandpaper.

Weha Silicon Carbide Sandpaper is outstanding on marble, travertine, limestone, even granite, and engineered stone.

Weha 4" Silicon Carbide Sandpaper can be used both wet and dry
Hook and Loop backed
grits 40-600 in stock. Other grits available upon special order request