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4" Weha Dry pad 5000
Dry Granite Diamond Polishing Pad 5000 Grit, Honeycomb Dry, Part # VZDP45000

Weha Price: $13.90

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:In Stock
Part Number: VZDP45000


4" Weha Honeycomb Dry Diamond Polishing Pad - 5000 Grit

Weha 4" Honeycomb Dry polishing pads are great polishing pads in this style design.

Achieving both polish and life, the Weha Honeycomb pads will work on all types of granite, hard marbles, and other natural stone creating a beautiful polish. With its ability to deflect heat, its super flexibility, its long life and premium polish, the Weha Honeycomb Dry Diamond Polishing Pads are the best dry polishing pad for granite and stone on the market.

One of the problems with dry pads when used with alot of heat is the velcro will start to peel away from the cloth. The Weha Honeycomb Dry Diamond Polishing Pads will not separate. The velcro will stay the course until all the diamonds on the dry diamond polishing pad is used up.

  • Very Flexible.
  • May be used wet or dry.
  • Maximum RPM 4500.
  • Made in Korea using the specific formula and standards of Weha USA.

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