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Achilli MSA Monoblock Saw
45 Degree Miter Bridge Saw for Granite, Marble, Stone Part # 14445

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  1. This item also includes a FREE 16 Diamond Blade
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    Charlotte, NC Stock Status:In Stock
    Part Number: 14445

    Achilli MSA 45 Degree Miter Cutting Bridge Saw 130" (3300MM) Cut for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartz, Quartzite Stone Slabs and Counter Tops. 7.5 HP variable speed motor 700-3400 rpm. Hot Dipped Galvanized Frame

    The Achilli MSA 45 Degree Miter Saw is specifically designed to make 45 degree miter cuts for granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, quartzite stone counter tops, etc.
    Strong motor, water recycling system, variable speed control makes this granite miter saw a must have.
    This Stone 45 Degree Miter Saw frees up the bridge Saw from 45 degree stone cuts.
    Extremely accurate 45 degree stone cutting.
    The Achilli Frame comes with as a hot dipped galvanized frame for years and years of life with no rusting or metal fatigue.

    • Galvanized Steel frame
    • Head travel on linear guides fitted with recirculating ball slides.
    • Motorized head travel on X-axis with variable speed.
    • 10 pneumatic pistons to secure the workpiece in place during cutting.
    • Worktable made of polyzene for easy washing off and easy sliding the material onto the saw. Optional roller table available.
    • BLADE VARIABLE SPEED FOR 5.5 KW (7,5 HP) MOTOR: The machine is comes with a frequency inverter for the main motor, allowing the operator to set the correct peripheral speed (700-2500rpm) of the diamond blade, according to the blade diameter and the hardness of the stone to be cut.
    • High precision head motion on linear guides with recirculating ball slides.
    • Material thickness 10mm-80mm
    • Blade angle adjustment (in/out) 45 +/- 2 degrees

    Linear guides fitted with recirculating ball slides.
    Head travel (X axis): 129" (3300 mm) - feed speed from 0 to 7 meters/minute.
    Max. workable thickness 1mm - 3" (80mm)
    Main isolator switch
    Emergency stop push button
    Power-on “RESET” button

    Useful cut: 130" (3300mm)
    Overall Dimensions: 171" x 59 x 58"
    Worktable Dimensions: 130" X 39" (3300x1000mm)
    Diamond Blade Diameter: 14",16",18" (350-400-450mm)
    Blade Bore Size: 2" (50mm)
    Min-Max stone thickness: 0.4"- 3.15" (10-80mm)
    Main Motor Power: 5.5Kw 7.5HP 3 phase
    Main Motor Rotation Speed: 1400 rpm 50Hz - 1700 rpm 60Hz
    Main Motor Variable Speed: 700-3400 rpm
    Standard Voltage: 230V-60Hz. 30 AMP Breaker required
    Dimensions of installed machine 14'2" x 74"x 69"
    Weight of Saw: 2039 lbs (925kg)
    Minimum width to miter:

    The minimum width of the piece you can work depends mainly from the thickness of the piece.
    o calculate the minimum width you can work is always = the thickness of your piece + 14mm (necessary to block the piece under the slab stop)
    14mm is a standard with our slab stops, so for example: If your piece is 20mm thick, the minimum width you can cut is = 20mm + 14mm = 34mm


    1. Water Collection and Recycling System: Water Tray that sits under the saw to collect the water for recirculation. Comes with Water Pump that pumps the water from the water tray back to the blade. $1370.00

    2. Side Extension Table with Rollers: 60" x 35" Side Extension Table equipped with rollers to facilitate slab movement $952.00

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    Payments as low as $538.00 per month!

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    Achilli MSA 45 Degree Miter Bridge Saw for Granite and Stone
    45 Degree Miter Bridge Saw for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Stone
    45 Degree Miter Cut on Engineered Quartz Stone
    45 Degree Miter Diamond Bridge Saw Achilli MSA

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