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115 mm x 140 mm Scratching Roller for Combi-Scratcher
115 mm x 140 mm Scratching Roller for Combi-Scratcher Weha USA


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Weha Price: $2,351.70

Part Number: 6312410


115 mm x 140 mm Scratching Roller for Combi-Scratcher

The 115 mm x 140 mm Scratching Roller for Combi-Scratcher is a tool in the bushhammering line of equipment designed to work in conjunction with other bushhammering texturing tools from Weha.

This 115 mm x 140 mm Scratching Roller for Combi-Scratcher is designed to be used in conjunction with the following bushammering tool lines:

  • Combi-Scratcher

Combi-Scratcher Electric Stone Grooving Tool Holder

The Combi-Scratcher is designed for working on flat surfaces effectively as well as steps. It features a combination of flexibility and precision to allow the Combi-Scratcher to be used with a variety of tools. These tools allow for bushhammering and grooving natural stone.

The Combi-Scratcher utilizes a regulation system that allows the operator to remove the guide system without losing the groove adjustment settings. It is ideal for for making any kind of grooving on any material.

Great for Steps

The Combi-Scratcher is a great solution for grooving existing stairs. It is designed so that the angle grinder can be turned vertically; allowing the operator to work adjacent to a wall or skirting.

Combi-Scratcher Technical Information

Technical Specifics
  10 Diamond Discs Scratching Drums
  - 115 mm - 115 mm x 50 mm - 115 mm x 105 mm
Workable Materials Natural Stone Limestone, Marble Limestone, Marble
Application Range Anti-Skid Anti-Skid (2.5 mm or 5 mm) Working On Flat Surfaces
Drums for Sandblasting Effect Free Rotary Bushhammering
- 115 x 50 mm - 115 x 140 mm - 115 x 50 mm - 115 x 135 mm
Limestone, Marble Limestone, Marble Sandstone, Granite Sandstone, Granite
Anti-Skid Working On Flat Surfaces Anti-Skid Bushhammering of Flat Surfaces
Power 1200 W
RPM 1400-3400
Suction Hose Coupl Yes
  • Includes Mounting Accessories & Technical Instruction
  • Guiding Rollers Make for Easy Use
  • Depth Control System & Guide With Quick Lock
  • Tool Cover Ensures Safe Use
  • Multi-Purpose - Works With A Variety of Tools

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