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Weha Trilogy Polishing Pads

Weha Trilogy 3 Step Diamond polishing pads are the absolute best polishing pads specifically for Black, Brown, Gray, Engineered Stone, Quartz stone. They are equally as good on black absolute, Baltic Brown, Uba Tuba, and other dark granites and marbles.

Weha Dry Magic & Diamond Core Bits

Vacuum brazed Dekton Core Bit because it can be used wet or dry, minimal chipping, and no cracking of the Dekton. Also, one of the best marble core bits for similar reasons. Virtually no chipping, minimal blowout on the bottom, fast drilling, and great life.

Weha Flap Diamond Cupwheel

The Weha Flap Diamond Cupwheel is an outstanding aluminum backed diamond cup wheel for light shaping and polishing process on granite, marble, engineered stone, quartzite, ceramic, porcelain and other materials.

Weha Ceramic & Porcelain Core Bits

The Weha Porcelain and Ceramic Core bits are for use on porcelain and ceramic tile and slabs. Also excellent on granite, marble, engineered stone and quartz stone. Will not chip the ceramic or porcelain around the hole.

Weha 5" Matrix Quad Turbo Diamond Blade Weha Matrix 22mm x 40mm x 7 Segment CNC High Speed Finger Bit
Weha Price: $22.75
Weha Price: $102.00
Part#  51472 Weha 5" Matrix Quad Turbo Diamond Blade Part # 51054 Weha Matrix 22mm x 40mm x 7 Segment CNC High Speed Finger Bit
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Weha Granite Fabrication Shop Cart Drywall Cart 2000 lb capacity 2 Fixed 2 Swivel Wheels Oma CP99 Hydraulic Edge Profiling Machine Router
Weha Price: $235.00
Weha Price: $4,132.75
Stone Material Handling Stone Cart Shop Cart, Drywall Cart, Part# 1901 Granite Router, Engineered Stone Router, Edge Profiling Machine Route,r Oma CP99, Part# 8002
2 Fixed and 2 Swivel Wheels .
Weha Blitz 1 3/8" High Speed Dry Core Bit Interior & Exterior Diamonds OMA Hydraulic Bowl & Router System Workstation
Weha Price: $66.00
Weha Price: $10,800.00
1 3/8" Diamond Dry Core Bit High Speed for Granite, marble, stone,  Part#  20138 OMA Hydraulic Bowl & Router System Workstation
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